Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday doesn't have to feel blue

When I look out my window here in western Michigan it is very gray and dreary looking.. But If I imagine blue leaves on my trees.. I smile---wouldn't that be something?

If you have a favorite teddy you can curl up with him and read a book or better yet cuddle with a grandchild.

There are many colors of blue that will stir your heart and thoughts if you let them.
Enjoy your day ..have some blueberries for good health. Slip into a favorite blue sweater. Put on some blue jewerly


  1. HA! Your imagination has gone wild! Those blue trees are cool. I tell you -- I'd much rather have gray and dreary than a bunch of sand blowing around. It's disgusting! I wonder if it will really be cold tomorrow. The weather reports never seem to be right. Hope you are having a good day. Love, Tammy

  2. Today (at least for a while) we have pretty blue skies. I'll enjoy it until the clouds roll back in. I had blueberry tea yesterday morning. :)

  3. Very Cute! LOVED your post today!.. especially the teddy.. I don't think you're ever too old to hug a dolly or a teddy if you need to! ~tina

  4. Blue can be such a soothing and peaceful color. wouldn't it be strange to live in a world where the trees were blue!

  5. I had blackberries today ... does that count?

  6. I came to your site, via your daughters blog...I love both sites...I will follow you, but your daughter doesn't have a follow button?
    Please come for a visit to my may like it enough to follow me as well. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous blue tree! How magical!