Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sparkle Fabric Ornaments

Below is an arrangement that sits in my kitchen. I bought the floral arrangement with the beveled mirrored container for fifty cents at a thrift store. I added the little gnomes that I got at half price at Hobby Lobby.

Years go my husband and I did craft shows for a little extra money. My husband had bought this great Hawk scroll saw and he loved using it. ( One day I will post some of his work---He did the wood work and I was left to paint and come up with a few ideas of my own.. ) I made some elegant ornaments out of pieces of sparkle fabric and tied some ribbon and embellishments on them. I thought they were very pretty.

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  1. You arrangements are thrifty and pretty. I love the sparkly ornaments. Great idea! Now I know why Gwen is so talented and creative! Love ya and happy Thanksgiving. It's a cloudy drizzly day here. Yea! :) Tammy