Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vintage cards

In an earlier blog I featured some old vintage post cards from the early 1900's that belonged to my late husband's father. Today I am showing some ....maybe friends or family of years gone by. There is no info on the back of them so I have no idea how they are related to us or not.. There is some real unique pictures.

This little girl is adorable...notice what she is sitting on?

Wonder why so many people didn't smile in these old pictures ?

This fellow looks happy doesn't he?

Love the hats these ladies are wearing.

The young lady is very pretty i think.

Here is a young baseball player.. still no idea who any of these are and anyone who might know is no longer with us. I do treasure these.. The cards are one hundred years old.

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Hope you are having a good week.


  1. Just fabulous, Elaine. I so love the vintage photos. They really didn't have a lot to be happy about, they lived such a hard life back then. Ooooooooooo! I'd give anything for those hats ...

    Have a fabulous weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. What wonderful old pictures, Elaine. My understanding is that most of the photographers had cameras that processed very slowly..the lens didn't move very they would tell people not to smile so that there was no movement or change of facial expression till the picture finished processing. That little girl is just a doll, isn't she? xo Diana

  3. Those are fantastic pictures! The little girl in the first photo is just precious. Kinda sad to think that they only remain in photos. I wonder who they are. You should find a way to frame them in a collage with old bits and pieces from the past. Would make a nice display. Have a great day. Love, T

  4. Loving the photos Elaine.I agree with you why didnt they smile on photos then? But their life was hard you know.I love your Valentine banner too.

    Wishing you a great weekend,I hope gwen is ok I havent seen her here for the longest time.Tell her I said hello.


  5. What great pictures. I have been going through our photo collection trying to write something on the backs so my children will know who's who. Sometimes I find pictures of people and I have no clue who they are. If I like the picture I keep it, if I don't I throw them out. Maybe these were just 'keepers' and that's why they are in your collection.

  6. Some of the best photos ever are the older ones. If you look close, they have a story all their own. Great collection.

  7. Those are sure some great photos. I also wondered about the smiling in photos back then. I have a couple of my grandparents and they were not smiling either. I guess times were hard and nothing to smile about.
    Thanks for sharing