Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dedicated to all you flower growers

    A rainy day here and I know many of you have had your share and so this is for you

 Let a smile be your umbrella.


  1. We are looking at the mid 90's again today with a chance of pop-up thunder showers in the late afternoon! Sound like a weatherman, don't I? :)

  2. It has turned hot and humid here again after a week of storms and 12+ inches of rain.
    We need a few days of drying out.
    Have a great day.

  3. So hot and humid! Sigh....yesterday some of my plants were wilting in the heat but along came a nice rain! They look good this morning but the heat will be high again today.

  4. sweet and lovely! yay!

  5. I love that.We're to have another storm today so I will think of this photo when the hail hits!
    Thanks for your comment on my post today.
    PS you have your date wrong in case you want to change it...

  6. Not much gardening going on here on the coast. It is way too hot and the humidity is over the top. The flowers are really struggling to stay alive.

    I do love your beautiful photo, it's so pretty.


  7. Elaine dear, what a beautiful blog you have! And an equally beautiful heart, to come to visit AND leave a comment! I will so miss blog land and friends during my vacation, but seeing old friends and even a blogger pal is going to be so fun. Please come back soon! Anita

  8. This is so cute, Elaine! At least the grass is VERY GREEN! And thanks for the birthday wishes.