Friday, April 9, 2010

No more Ugly Betty

  I really will miss this show. Ity was fun to watch an ugly duckling make a go of it in the business world and become a beauty .     Not to mention the soap opera drama in the lives of all who came intact with Betty and her family.     Next week is the last show due to cancellation


  1. Hi Elaine ~ I stopped by to check and see how you were feeling cause I know you've been sick this week. I'm hoping you're worlds better, but if not, let me know, I'll be glad to "Have a little talk with Jesus" (do you remember that old sacred song about praying)?

    I don't watch this TV show, but I'm really surprised it has been cancelled. I surely thought it had so many fans that they would be getting enough viewership - you never know, maybe some cast members were ready for a change.

    Take care...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  2. I don't watch this either, but thought it was pretty popular. Oh well things are always moving around in the show business world.

  3. I never watched it...too busy in my craft room!

  4. I liked this show too. I haven't watched it the last two years, I think the story lines git a wee bit wacky possibly? It was a funny show though!

  5. Hi Elaine,

    Can you believe that only ONE episode of "Ugly Betty" was shown here in Germany? Yes, really -- there weren't enough viewers when the first episode was on air, and the Powers That Be didn't give the series a second chance. ARGH!!! Oh well, that's today's TV business -- not enough viewers, too old viewers, too many female viewers (remember that problem with "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman")... ARGH!!! And it's a worldwide problem at that. *sigh*

    Greetings from Munich,