Monday, February 22, 2010

Must I be?

This little figurine was given to me by my daughter Gwen at Christmas. Below is a poem I found on winter snow.

Must I be thankful for the snow?
Selfishly, it grives me so.
Brown Stalks shiver in my flower bed.

Blanketed in white- color of the dead.

Old joints protest the ice and cold---Winter is not kind
when you grow old. Must I be thankful for the snow?

Selfisly, I don't think so.

@Esther Loomis

I hope everyone had a nice Monday....with snow or without.


  1. Oh and we're getting more snow this week here in the North East!
    I love the idea of those envelopes in the previous post! Great idea!!!
    keeping warm ~ Maria

  2. We were without snow but had plenty of rain...a thunderstorm actually!
    Hope your day is good!

  3. I'd rather have snow than dust! Our skies are awful today. Very cute little figurine from Gwen. I chatted with Eric today. He said that Piglet died yesterday. She had a blockage in her urinary tract. She was a little over 5 years old. Of course he is upset. No more pets for him he says. Have a great day! Love, Tammy