Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday and it's Halloween

Today is Monday and it's Halloween.  I hope everyone is ready for the ghost and goblins that come to your door this evening. It's that special holiday when everyone can dress up and get in on the fun.  I'm sure many of you have been busy baking cookies and getting costumes ready for the tonight Hope you can find time to look at some of the great Halloween blogs out there.  It should be a fun day

          Today I have a bit of blue to show for Blue Monday at  Be sure to stop by and say Hello to our gracious hostess Ms Sally.    I am also joining  Mary from Little Red House for mosaic Monday   

                Below is my little  prince charming (pumpkin) all dressed up for Halloweem. He is my great grandson and four months old.  To young for trick or treating so he will have to just watch. 

                      I'm sure he is wondering why mom and Dad set him in a pile of leaves..
 They don't taste very good but make great play things.

Have a fun and safe Halloween.


  1. What a doll he is, Elaine.

    Happy Blue Monday to you!

  2. Hi Elaine!Hes adorable.Lucky Gwen.Our Halloween is over.We always had it the last thursday of the month.Dont ask me Happy halloween to you and Aiden.Blessings!

  3. So cute! And yes keep safe out there.

    My Blue

  4. Great post! Love your little doll baby!

  5. Such a cute header for halloween. Cute little trick or treeter.

  6. Aiden is the cutest little pumpkin!!!!!!!
    I saved these pictures you made of him.